We use the most modern technology coupled with almost a decade of hard work and dedication. We are superiority in quality with our high-end technology and usage of virgin PVC and superior thickness of inner cable.


  • Thorough quality control and use of high quality materials guarantee the perfect fitment
  • Black PVC outer jacket for maximum flexibility and durability
  • Steel inner casing that is tightly coiled for low compression
  • A pre-lubricated nylon inner sleeve guarantees smooth operation and long life.
  • All wire ends are bird caged prior to terminal casting for superior pull-out resistance
  • Completely tested parts
  • Single piece flow manufacturing
  • Advanced material usage
  • Outstanding Heat resistance
  • Ruggedness and compact design
  • High Flexibility
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Tight bending radii
  • Small overall diameter
  • Breaking load 5KN

Raw Material

A part from utilization of high quality virgin PVC material, we manufacture our cables with more copper strands to ensure enhanced and improved conductivity. All our products have ISO 9001 certification that augments our reliability factor further.
Our modernized and streamlined production process help us to achieve unparalleled quality that in turn make us the most sought-after brand in spare parts industry.Raw Material strengths: –

  • High quality virgin PVC
  • Copper and zinc plated terminals
Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
BOP(Bought Out Parts) Inner Cable Wire Inhouse BOP Inhouse Parts Ensures Better Process Control, therefore ensuring better Quality and Delivery
Inner PVC Pipe Inhouse BOP
Outer Sleeve Steel Casing BOP BOP
Outer PVC Inhouse BOP
Cable End Attachment BOP BOP


We believe in controlling manufacturing process at the maximum. The core components of cable are manufactured on an automated line.

Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Manufacturing Outer Sleeve Automated Line for Outer Sleeve Manufacturing Outsourced We have More Control on Process Control, Leading to Better Quality and delivery.
Wire Drawing Automated Line for Outer Sleeve Manufacturing Outsourced
Inner PVC Automated Line for Outer Sleeve Manufacturing Outsourced

S.No. Product Onner Wire Thickness Outer Maerial
1 Clutch Cable 2.0 mm Fresh PVC
2 Accelerator Cable 1.4 mm Fresh PVC
3 Speedometer Cable 3.1 mm Fresh PVC
4 Brake Cable 2.5 mm Fresh PVC
5 Choke Cable 1.4 mm Fresh PVC
6 Techometer Cable 3.1 mm Fresh PVC


Every Single Unit of our Cable is subjected to stringent tests and checks before they are considered safe and perfect to be a part of your motorcycle. Following are the tests and their resultant technical aspects that demonstrate the perfection and superiority of our parts.

Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Functional Test
( Horizontal Force Test)
For Connectors
Throttle Cable: > 60kgf
Brake Cable:>300 kgf
Clutch Cable:>240 kgf
No such Testing We Ensures Higher Tensile Strength, Ensuring Lesser Chances of Breakage
For Cable
Throttle Cable: > 240kgf
Brake Cable:>600 kgf
Clutch Cable:>440 kgf
No such Testing

Horizontal Force Test : This test is done to check the force at which the connector and cable breaks.

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Brake Shoe


Brake Pad


Shock Absorber




Fuel tank cap and ignition key set


Spokes and Nipples




Seam Welded Rim




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