Clutch Friction Plate

We produce producing clutch plates for vehicle starting from 50 cc to 220 cc. Right from the raw material, to precision to procedure, our friction plates are top-notch in every aspect. Every spare part we manufacture ensures to give you a perfect riding experience. Our clutch plates are unmatched in terms of reliability, durability and performance as they adhere to the strictindustrial standards and include genuine components.


  • High and stable friction levels
  • Very good fade resistance
  • Superior surface furnishes for better torque performance
  • Better durability
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Wet operation
  • Smoother gear shift
  • Stable Coefficient of friction

Raw Material

Intermediate friction plates are made of high carbon steel and the core plates are made from aluminum, steel, high temperature resistant plastics, or phenol resin-based fiber depending on the design of the clutch.
This friction material is lined on the core plates to generate the torque in the engine. The clutch works on the principle of friction. Two friction surfaces are brought in contact with each other; when applied a force during engagement, here they are united due to the friction between them and transmit power from engine to the gear box and subsequently to the driven wheels.

Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Raw Material Aluminium Body High grade ADC12 with copper content of 1.65% Substandard ADC12 with copper content of 0.5-0.8% which is below international standards We offer ECE-R90 certified formulation with High Copper content means exceptional mechanical properties like durability, comfort and longevity along with safe ride.
Lining Non-Asbestos formation with special Fibre material With Asbestos formation We offer Environment friendly Non-asbestos friction material as Asbestos material has been banned in most of the countries.


We derive our superior quality with precision at every stage of production. The ADC 12 raw material yields us the high strength and another factor that leads to high demand of our spare part is usage of environmentally friendly No asbestos friction material, as Asbestos is banned in many countries. Our patented material flaunts excellent performance and most competitive prices. Our quality is accepted by OEM manufacturers as well and our factory direct selling prices help us contain our prices in this very competitive market. We take pride in our massive production capacity of around 50,000 sets per day and an extensive range of 150 models. Yet our streamlined production processes ensure 100% customer satisfaction and unmatched quality.

Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Manufacturing Production Technology Automated Casting machines Semi-Automated Casting machines By using fully automated CNC machines, We offer min.tolerance level products with negligible rejection at final stage.
Design centre, Tool room and R&D facilities. Inhouse Design centre, and R&D centre toll room Not available with factories normal chiness RITSUKA has an extra ordinary aptitude in developing customized formulations for friction products. For die casted products, the company has in-house tool room with integrated facilities for die design & die manufacturing enabling quick lead time to customers.
Moulding Automated moulding process Manual Moulding process Automated moulding results in Relatively poor wear under heavy duty conditions and at higher friction levels
Heat Treatment Inhouse Heat treatment process Outsourced in most of the factories Grain alignment to give better raw material strength and to reduce internal stress


The finished Clutch Friction Plate are made to undergo various checks and tests to ensure precision and quality is attained atevery level, in best way possible. For your trust and safety, we always go an extra mile and recheck our passion. Each of theClutch Friction Plate is evaluated on following parameters, before they make way to market and to you.

Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Testing Standards Incoming Parts 100% Inspection & Testing Random / No Testing Committed to offer same quality / specifications product with every lot
In process Inhouse facility includes

  1. Material composition test
  2. Random Dimensional check with Three axis coordinate measuring machine
  3. Coefficient of Friction test
  4. Wear Rate Test
  1. Visual testing
  2. On demand testing from external agencies
  1. Controlled Standard Parameters at every Process
  2. Three axis coordinate measuring machine
  3. Maintains 0.002 mm ~ 0.003 mm tolerance range.
  4. Low to medium-high coefficient of friction ~ 0.33
  5. Excellent wear at lower temps. < 200C.
Final Inspection Fitment check using pneumatic gauge, Hydraulic / Electronic Universal testing machines Manual inspection Ensures safe operation and adequate durability We have both Electronic and Hydraulic universal testing machine (UTM) for testing the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials used in manufacturing

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