Connecting Rod

Connecting rods are is manufactured under stringent quality parameters that make us deliver the finest. Each element of the part, smallest to the most central element goes through numerous tests before the product is ready to be shipped.We supply product complete with crankpin, big and small end bearings.


  • 20crmo steel grade raw material
  • High strength and high yield
  • High temperature resistance


  • Superior strength, durability and dimensional consistency
  • Raw material used 20CrMo
  • High strength and high yield
  • Hardness between HRC 60-62
  • Carburizing depth of heat treatment 0.8 – 1.2m
  • Surface roughness ≤ 0.2 RA
  • High temperature resistant
  • Strong material case-hardened alloy steel
  • Honing for better oil retention
  • Carburized and honed pins
  • Imported Taiwan bearings

Raw Material

We use latest and modern gas carburizing process for case hardening and heat treatment of our products. Our quality control system and equipment ensure perfect geometrical and dimensional accuracies and our durability lies at our core with usage of high quality alloy steel.

Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
BOP (Bought Out Parts) Bearing BOP BOP We provide bearings from Taiwan maintaining OEM standards
Raw Material Body 20CrMo Steel grade Raw Material Substandard Steel Grade Raw Material High Strength & High Yield High Temperature resistant
Bearing Taiwan Quality Bearing Chinese Bearing Our product offers exceptional mechanical properties like durability, comfort and longevity along with safe ride.


From the smallest to the most central element, each part is manufactured under stringent quality parameters that make us deliver the finest. We make every ride the smoothest by putting our products through rigorous checks before shipping.

Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Manufacturing Machining CNC machining centre Semi-Automated or Manual By using fully automated CNC machines, we offer min. Tolerance level products with negligible rejection at final stage.
Design centre, Tool room and R&D facilities Inhouse Design centre, tool room and R&D centre Not available with normal chinese factories RITSUKA has an extra ordinary aptitude in developing customized formulations for Steel products. For Moulded products, the company has in-house tool room with integrated facilities for mould design & mould manufacturing enabling quick lead time to customers.
Moulding Automated moulding process Manual Moulding process Automated moulding results in Relatively poor wear under heavy duty conditions and at higher friction levels
Heat Treatment Inhouse Heat treatment process Outsourced in most of the factories Grain alignment to give better raw material strength and to reduce internal stress


We rigorously test the product post production to ensure it exceeds the highest quality standards.

  • Measurement and materials testing to determine whether the crank is as per specification.
  • Testing is done via our in-house dyno- facility and compared against the OE benchmarks
Parameter Details At RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Testing Standards Incoming Parts 100% Inspection & Testing Random / No Testing Minimal chances of In-house rejection levels pre-finished / finished product
In process Inhouse facility includes

  1. Material composition test
  2. Random Dimensional check with Three axis coordinate measuring machine
  1. Visual testing
  2. On demand testing from external agencies
  1. Controlled Standard Parameters at every Process
  2. Three axis coordinate measuring machine
  3. 0.002mm ~ 0.003mm tolerance range is maintained
Final Inspection Fitment check using pneumatic gauge, Hydraulic / Electronic Universal testing machines Manual inspection Ensures safe operation and adequate durability We have both Electronic and Hydraulic universal testing machine (UTM) for testing the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials used in manufacturing


We ensure high standards of reliability, safety and service life. Our commitment to quality, from research and development through the entire production process to logistics and customer service, has been approved by quality management audit. The perfection we achieve is the result of consistent precision that we live by at every stage of our production.

Part 5D9 Con Rod Sample Qty 2 Manufacturer RITSUKA Technical Requirement Standard Test Method Detection Result Conclusion
1 Appearance Check Visual OK OK
2 Small Head thickness ±0.05 Micrometer -0.002 OK
3 Small hold roughness 0.4 MAX Roughness Instrument 0.24 OK
4 Aperture of small hole Ø13±0.25 Air momentum meter 0.19 OK
5 Orifice roundness 0.003 Air momentum meter 0.026 OK
6 Pinhold cylindercity 0.003 Air momentum meter 0.017 OK
7 Big hold roughness 0.2 MAX Roughness Instrument 0.14 OK
8 Aperture of Big hole Ø35±0.04 Air momentum meter 0.007 OK
9 Macropore Cylindercity 0.003 Air momentum meter 0.018 OK
10 Thickness of large head 14±0.05 Air momentum meter 0.024 OK
11 Centre distance 3.5±0.05 VernierCaliper -0.002 OK
12 Carbon Depth 0.8-1.1mm Microscope 0.86 OK
13 Surface Hardness 59-63HRC Micro hardness tester 59.5 OK
14 Core Hardness 28-43HRC Micro hardness tester 34 OK

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