We manufacture superior Sprockets owing to excellent raw materials and our adherence to strict quality control. We employthe best grade of High Carbon Steel for rear sprockets and Steel Alloy for front sprockets. Our manufacturing units are fullyequipped with state-of-the-art high accuracy machinery along with latest generation of CNC computer design andcomputer-controlled metal cutting equipment that enable us to craft finest sprockets for your motorcycle.
Going over the basic anatomy of Sprockets, these are rotating parts with teeth that are used in conjunction with a chain and,almost always, at least one other sprocket to transmit torque. Sprockets and chain can be used to change the speed, torque,or original direction of a motor. For sprockets and chain to be compatible with each other they must both have thesame thickness and pitch. For the sprockets and chain to work effectively, all the sprockets should be on parallelshafts with their corresponding teeth on the same plane


  • Number of Teeth is the total count of the number of teeth (projections) around the whole circumference of asprocket. For sprockets with very few teeth it is easy to simply count the number of teeth. However, forsprockets with a higher number of teeth, attempting to count the teeth may not be very practical oraccurate
  • Pitch Diameter (PD) is an imaginary circle which is traced by the center of the chain pins when the sprocketrotates while meshed with a chain. The ratio of the pitch diameter between sprockets can be used tocalculate the gear ratio, but more commonly and much more simply the ratio of the number of teeth is usedfor this calculation.
  • Pitch represents the amount of pitch diameter in inches per tooth. Gears with a larger pitch will have biggerteeth. Common pitches are 0.25”, known as #25, and 0.375” (#35).
  • Outside Diameter (OD) will always be larger than the pitch diameter but smaller than the chain clearance diameter. Theoutside diameter does not account for the additional diameter added by the chain, so it should not be used to check forassembly interference.
  • Chain Clearance Diameter is the outside diameter of a sprocket with chain wrapped around it. The chain clearancediameter will always be larger than the pitch diameter and the outside diameter. Thechain clearance diameter should beused when checking for interference when placing sprockets very close to other structures.

We at RITSUKA understand the precision and engineering of each spare to its core and our knowledge and focused approachleads us to craft exception sprockets for various models of motorcycle.


Our high-grade raw materials are primary source of our unrivalled quality. Our Sprockets undergovarious international gradeinspections at each stage of production that helps us in maintaining oursuperior quality. At our factories, good productionlead time ensuring quick delivery of products and our streamlined production processes aid us to attain 100% customersatisfaction and unmatched quality.

Sprocket Manufacturing Process Flow


Each unit manufactured in most superior manner is further tested at various parameters to make sure only the best makesway to you. Each finished unit of Sprockets is tested on following tough parameters and only the most perfect ones maketheir way to the markets.

  • Salt Spray testing machine
  • Profile Projector for teeth profile
  • Fixture to Check teeth movement over Chain.
  • Surface Plate with Dial Gauge/FlatnessTesting

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