Instrument panel

We manufacture wide range of Speedometer and Instrument Panels. We at believe in manufacturing the critical child parts inhouse.


  • Easy to read pointers and dial plates
  • Digital Display technology
  • Sleek design
  • Anti-glare display
  • Long Serviceability
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof

Raw Material

Our instrument panels are manufactured of high grade raw material of fresh polypropylene. PP is very useful plastic for injection molding. our quality of raw materials provides high rigidity and stability of panels. below is the comparison of our instrument panel with other Chinese brand and justifies our superiority in raw materials.

Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Raw Material Outer Body Fresh PP Recycled PP (80/ 20)
  1. Excellent impact strength
  2. Fresh PP is easy to Mould and Flow Very well due to its low melting Viscosity, hence Reduces Mould defects like Air Presence and. Blister Strong adhesion to powder coating.
Lens PC Glass
  1. Light material
  2. Better Transparency

Below is the comparison of child parts with other Chinese brands:

Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
(Bought out Parts)
Case Inhouse BOP Inhouse parts Ensures Better Process Control, therefore ensuring better Quality and Delivery
SPCB Inhouse BOP
Magnetic Cup BOP BOP
Speedometer Bulb BOP BOP
Needle BOP BOP
Process BOP BOP


We have world class advance equipment and production environment. We believe in automation at the maximum and outsourcing at the minimum. This makes us far superior to other Chinese brands available in market.

Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Manufacturing Injection Moulding In house automatic machine Outsource Better Quality Control and Less Wastage of PP, Hence Reduce the Cost Effectiveness
Assembly Line 2 Fully Automatic SMT Production Lines Manual or Semi-Automatic Production Fully Automatic SMT Line Ensures Consistent Quality, High Rate of Production and minimizes the QPPM (Quality Parts per Million)
QPPM: It is the Number of Defected Parts Produced in 1 Million of Parts Produced
Inhouse thru Soldering Robots Inhouse with Manual Soldering Robotic Soldering Ensures Zero QPPM, Thus Improving our Quality
Workshop Environment Dust Proof Static Free Workshop No Focus on Dust Control Prevention of Dust Particles Improves the Robotic Soldering Process



Each of our instrument panels and speedometers are put through many tests and checks to detect any anomalies. Only the perfectly manufactured parts find their place in the global market.

Parameter Details RITSUKA Chinese Product RITSUKA Advantage
Testing Standards Incoming Parts 100% Inspection & Testing Random / No Testing Minimal chances of Inhouse Rejection levels prefinished / finished product
In process Checking at Every Process thru various process specific testing Gauges. Visual Testing Control the Standard Parameters at every Process
Final 100% Checking for Function Random / No Testing we Ensure Zero Defect in our product
Functional 1. Vibration Test
2. Water Spray Test
3. Salt fog Test
4. Temperature Test
No Such Machines All these Tests Performed Results in Less PPM, hence improving the Quality

Vibration Test:

The Performance of the Speedometer is Checked at high Frequency and Resonant Vibration.

Water Spray Test:

In this water is thoroughly sprayed on instrument panel to check any leakage.

Salt Fog Test:

High moisture conditions are created in the testing chamber to check if the water dehumidifies as a fog on instrument panel.

Temperature Test:

Each instrument panel is checked at high temperature of around 250 degree Celsius and low as -80 degree Celsius to ensure optimum functionality in diverse conditions.

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